Managed Blockchain

Sandstone Cloud and AWS join together to bring you the ability to easily create, manage, and scale your very own blockchain networks. 

Use Cases

Blockchain is frequently in the media for its applications with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC); however, we don’t see blockchain stopping there.

Blockchain is the future of networking.

Supply Chain

Small businesses can assure reliability and track goods in real-time across the supply chain with a blockchain ensuring full transparency.


Boost customer loyalty by using lightning-fast blockchain networks to easily link together and process partnering customer reward programs days faster than before.


Stop wasting time waiting on transactional paperwork to finalize by using a blockchain; instantly transfer electronic documents between stakeholders and eliminate the lengthy "back-and-forth" process.

Build your application better with a Sandstone Sandstone Blockchain


Sandstone Cloud's blockchain eliminates the bottlenecks caused by needing a "central authority" to process and execute all transactions between parties in the application by using a "distributed ledger" instead.

Sandstone Cloud Solutions LLC

Fully Managed

Stop sweating trying to juggle a manually-provisioned, self-hosted, properly monitored network.


As application network usage increases comfortably scale to meet any demand.

Choice of Framework

Sandstone Cloud blockchain supports your preferred blockchain frameworks like Hyperledger Fabric or Ethereum.

Reliability and Security

Get the unmatched reliability of AWS with the attention to detail of Standstone Cloud.


Knowledge is our greatest asset.  

What is a blockchain network?

“Blockchain is a technology that makes it possible to build applications where multiple parties can record transactions without the need for a trusted, central authority to ensure that transactions are verified and secure.”

How does Sandstone Cloud improve blockchain?

Sandstone Cloud utilizes Amazon Managed Blockchain to deliver you a fully-managed service ensuring the best experience when joining, configuring, scaling, and maintaining your network; all while eliminating these overhead costs. 

Why should I use blockchain for my business?

Blockchain technology has many different business uses, such as it is a more secure way of sharing records, and making payments; improves the supply chain; integrates with IoT; and prevents fraud.

What will the future of blockchain technology look like?

This technology is expected to disrupt many big industries. Soon, blockchain can be a cheaper storage, or a way to streamline accounting.  Blockchain might also facilitate a global move to virtual currency, or a way of global record-keeping and identity federation.